Frequently Asked Questions
Follow this page before contacting support team

Here are some basic questions which are being asked by our customers. If you couldn’t find the answer for your question, you can call us or use the live chat for instant answers.

Not at all. We have a easy-to-use dashboard that does everything for you. You can send SMS to your contact list easily with few mouse clicks.

We have a minimum reload amount of 500LKR in order to maintain a good service for you.

No, not for now. But we support each and every mobile and CDMA networks in Sri Lanka.

Maximum character count for a single paged SMS is 160. You can use up to 320 characters in a SMS text and in case you exceed 160 chars you will be charged for two SMSs for a single precipitant send.

If the log status is showing as “Sent”, that means the SMS has been successfully sent from our Notify servers. In such cases, your SMS can be delayed sometimes due to temporary latencies of SMS delivering networks in both sender’s and receiver’s end.

We don’t offer any refunds and any balance in the account can only be used to send SMS. You can use our free credits to test our service and ensure we have all you need before reloading your account.

We have a collection of API wrappers for widely used programming languages that saves your time. Visit our GitHub page to choose your preferred wrapper.

Yes, please contact us using our Live Chat or Email for any package changing requests. When changing plans, current account balance will took forward and the cost per SMS will be according to your new plan’s cost.

You should make a request to have your own Sender ID.

Navigate to Settings page in dashboard, Go to “Sender IDs” tab and then click on “Request New” button and then you can choose a name you want. Your account should be subscribed to a valid package to obtain a Sender ID. 

You can find your financial information in “Payments” tab in the “Settings” page. You can make payments using our PayHere integration using your Credit Card, eZ Cash or Sampath Vishwa account.

If you need to make a cheque payment, please deposit your cheque to the following bank account, or send us the cheque to the following postal address. Please add your User ID as the payment reference.

Bank: Hatton National Bank – Matara
Acc. No: 042010015995
Acc. Name: Ceylon Systems

Postal Address: Ceylon Systems, Galle Road, Thalaramba, Kamburugamuwa 81750, Sri Lanka.