Packages & Pricing
We offer a flat rate for every network in Sri Lanka.
Package Monthly Fee Free SMS Cost per SMS Setup Fee Order
Startup Rs. 1,500/- 890 Rs. 1.37/- FREE Order Now
SME Rs. 3,600/- 2,430 Rs. 1.20/- FREE Order Now
PRO Rs. 8,500/- 7,260 Rs. 0.95/- FREE Order Now
Heavy Rs. 12,000/- 12,240 Rs. 0.80/- FREE Order Now

Last updated on 2019-12-03

*Above “Cost per SMS” prices are exclusive of Government taxes and will be applicable at the time of purchase.
Monthly fee is an absolute amount and won’t be subjected to any taxes.

Sender IDs (Number Masks) are provided for FREE.

Need to send more than 10,000 SMS per month? Call us on +94766-4444-65.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s only a monthly reload commitment. When you pay it, your account balance will be updated with the same amount. 
Any unused credits will be brought forward and won’t be expired.

We will notify you by email and SMS 7 days before your monthly payment is due. You will get 7 days until the due date after you receive your invoice to make a payment.

If you couldn’t pay the invoice before your due date, we will notify you again on the due date and will give you further 3 day grace period to make the payment. If you still avoid paying the invoice, your account will be suspended temporarily. 
Please note that any remaining balance will be cleared while the system processes the account suspensions.

You can still activate the account by paying the due amount within next 7 days before we delete your account.