COVID-19 Situation Update

I hope you are staying well! We all know that currently, we have different situations around us according to the profession and the environment we are engaged in. The health sector and all the necessary services are working their best to protect their country from this virus and all others staying at home helping them to prevent this COVID-19 virus from spreading further among us. 

We at Notify.lk are also working remotely to keep the important services up and running as usual.

About your accounts, we have decided to stop account suspensions due to the reason of overdue commitment invoices to help you out during this hard time. This relief will be valid until 02 weeks after the island-wide curfew is lifted

Please stay at home and follow the official notices you receive day-by-day. Together we can defeat this common enemy.

Stay Safe!
Team Notify.lk

Image source: https://www.ovpm.org/