Integration with WordPress Ninja Forms Plugin

Notify.LK now has a plugin for WordPress integrating Notify.lk SMS service for Ninja Forms submissions. You may use Ninja Forms plugin and create forms with it and allow it to send SMS to the user who filled the form and/or to the admins of the website.

This plugin also comes with a custom phone number field with country flag selection. You may use it or a standard field comes with Ninja Forms plugin.

Installing and setting up the plugin

Download the plugin from the Github repository here. Install the downloaded zip file as a normal plugin on your WordPress website. After installing, go to Settings => Notify for Ninja page and save your API credentials correctly. That’s the only place where you need to provide API information.

Creating Forms with Automatic SMS

We are assuming that you already have Ninja Forms plugin installed on your website. Create your form according to your normal procedure. Please refer to Ninja Forms Documentation if you need instructions on how to create Ninja Forms.

After creating your form, firstly go to Emails & Actions tab (shown in the below screenshot) to setup Notify.lk actions. And then click on the plus (+) button in the bottom-right to add a new action.

After clicking on the plus button, you will see many options to add form actions to the current form. You need to select “Notify.LK SMS” from the list of available actions. It will add your new action to the form and give you a form as shown below, to configure the action.

Phone Number field should be filled with the Field ID of the Ninja Form field which we are retrieving customer’s phone number. You may click on the icon shown in the arrow (1) to select the correct Field ID from a list of available fields.

Also, the Group ID field can be filled with an ID of any Contact Group from your Notify.lk account. By providing a contact group ID into that field, you can assign the contact you are saving or updating to the specified contact group.

First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields are optional and you may provide them hard-coded or you can use a Field ID by clicking on the icon on them to retrieve a customer filled value for them. Those data will be filled to the contact you are saving or updating.

Arrow (3) is indicating the Message Field, you may use Field IDs there also to add any dynamic value from the customer filled data to your message text.

Phone Number and Message fields are required to fill for the integration to work. You may save the form after filling all the required information.

Testing the Integration

If you provide all information correctly, API information and form action settings, you should receive an SMS right after you fill the form. In case you also need to receive an SMS as an admin while customer receiving his message, you may add another action and fill your phone number to the Phone Number Field. In such cases, admin and the customer will receive the SMS individually according to configurations in both actions.

If you face any issues while integrating Ninja Forms with Notify.lk, you can simply write to us via our Support Page. We are avaialable to assist you in the process.